How to Verify Aadhar Card Number at – Aadhar Verification Guide

Aadhar Card Verification Process

Day by Day the Importance of Aadhar card as ID proof is Increasing. The reason is Aadhar has all the Identity Details Including Finger Prints and Iris Scan. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is Responsible Organisation behind Aadhar Card Issuing Process. UIDAI Maintain all the Database of Every User who has Aadhar Card.

Aadhar Number is 12 Digit Number. Here Note one thing that Aadhar Number is Generated RANDOMLY by UIDAI. Aadhar has gained great Popularity over Short Period of time Compare to Other ID Proof like Driving Licence, PAN card etc. The Reason Behind this is Aadhar Include all the Details of Indian Citizen.

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Guide to Verify Aadhar Number at

In order to verify your aadhar Number, You have to Note few things Like You have to keep your Aadhar Number at the time of Aadhar Verification Online, Your Registered Mobile Number should need to Link with Aadhar Number If your Register Mobile number or Email Address is not Linked with Your Aadhar Number Do it first now.

Sometimes Many Aadhar Holder has Wrong Information Printed on their Aadhar Card. So, In this Case, before Aadhar Card Verification Process, You have to do Aadhar Card Correction and have to Update Aadhar Card Information first. Then and Then Start this Procedure.

  • Before starting the Procedure Make sure You have your Aadhar Number Ready.
  • Open Website of UIDAI in your Browser.
  • In the Home Page of UIDAI portal, You can see there is one Column Name as “AADHAR SERVICES”.
  • In Aadhar Service Select Second Tab Written as “Verify Email/Mobile Number”.
  • Now one another Window will Open Known as “Aadhaar Kiosk”.
  • “Aadhaar Kiosk is Portal used to verify the email address and mobile number that has been declared during enrolment or latest successful processed update request, whichever is later.”
    verify Aadhar Number

    Verify Aadhar Number

  • In the First, Field Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar Number.
  • In Next Enter the Security Code and Press ENTER TAB.

Now your Aadhar Verification Process has Completed.  It will Display Whether Your Aadhar Number is Issued or Not.

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Importance of Aadhar Verification

Aadhar Verification Process is Important in Order to Check Whether After Filling Aadhar Application Form it is Really Issue or Not.

Aadhar Verification is Helpful In order to See the Details of Aadhar Holder like

  • To See the Residence Details of Aadhar Holder
  • To See the Gender and Other Details of Aadhar Holder.
  • To See Whether Aadhar Number is Issue or not.

So, Make sure When you Get your Aadhar Card. Don’t Just Sit back but In the Next Step, you have to Verify Your Identity with Your Aadhar Number at UIDAI. If you haven’t Verify your Aadhar Card yet. We will Suggest you Do it As soon as Possible because It’s Important Part of the Whole Process.