How to Reapply for New Aadhar Card? Get Duplicate Aadhar Card

We have notice that UIDAI Rejects Many Aadhar Application Form Daily. If are a Victim of this Rejection Don’t Worry You can Still Re-Apply for Aadhar Enrolment. In this Post, We are Going to Provide you all the Guidelines and Information of How you can Reapply for Aadhar Card and Do’s and Don’t While Filling Aadhar Application Form.

Possible Reason for Aadhar Application Rejection

Before We start and Move further It is Important to know Why Your Aadhar Application was Rejected. Which Mistakes you have Made While Filling Aadhar Enrolment Form. So, Here found the Possible reason of your Aadhar Application Rejection.

  • You Have Provided Wrong Information in Aadhar Application Form.
  • You may Have Provided Wrong Supporting Documents.
  • UIDAI fails to Verify your Supporting Documents.
  • Your Biometrics can’t be Recognize.
  • Your Application From Stay in Hold.
  • The possibility of rejection In the case of UID database already has an enrolment with your demographic or biometric data.
  • Your Aadhar Application isn’t Found.

So, Now you know Why your Application was Rejected. It’s time to Re-apply Aadhar Application for Enrolment but This time Make Sure you Don’t make Any Mistakes. (Learn More=> Guidelines While Filling Aadhar Application Form)

How to Re-Apply for Aadhar Card?

Re-applying Aadhar Application Process is Same as Fresh Application Form Submission. But this Time You need to Take care of All the Details that You have Entered in Aadhar Card.

  • Download Aadhar Application/Enrolment Form From HERE.
  • Read All the Fields Carefully.
  • Provide all (Total 11) the Necessary Details Including Pre-Aadhar EID, TIN/NPR Receipt, Name, Address, Gender, Age, District, State, Mobile Number, PIN Code, Concent etc.
  • Provide your biometrics to Aadhar Card Kendra – fingerprints for all fingers and iris scans of both eyes, Provide Your Photograph for future reference.
  • Write all the Details in Capital/Uppercase Letters.
  • No, Overwrite, No Mistakes, No Cross, No Cutting in Details.
  • Handover the Application to aadhar official and ask them to Check all the fields. (They will guide you in case you have made any Mistakes while filling aadhar application form)
  • Provide your Aadhar Supporting Documents to UIDAI Official and ask them They are Valid or not? (Learn More =>Valid Documents for Aadhar Verification)
  • If You have found any Mistake Correct it On the Spot.
  • Submit Your Application to Aadhar Card Kendra.

How to Check Aadhar Application Submitted or Not?

Now the Question that arrives in your Mind is You have Submitted Your Application But How you will Get to Know Is it Really Submitted or not? Don’t Worry We have Solution of Your Problem.

After Successfully Submission of your Aadhar Application, You need to Check Your Aadhar Status Online. It’s Simple Process You Just Need to Enter Few Information and You will able to Check your Aadhar Application Status. (Learn More=> How to Check Aadhar Card Application Status?)

So Now you know the Detailed Process of How to Re-apply for Aadhar Card. We Hope this time You Don’t make any Mistakes.

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