mAadhaar App of UIDAI : How to Use mAadhar App, Features Full Guide

mAadhaar App Download: UIDAI (Unique Identification of India) has Recently Introduce mAadhar Application for Indian Citizen for Android Smartphone Users. mAadhar App will help you to Put your All Aadhar Details in Your Pocket. While Downloading the App from Google Make sure that you Download Original mAadhar App because there are also some fake Apps are there. See the Developers Name that is “Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and then Downloads the App/ Now, Let’s Discuss How to use mAadhar App?

mAadhar App

How to Download mAadhar App?

For Android User: You can Download mAadhar App Directly from Google Play Store. Open Play Store and Type mAadhar App. You can also Download Directly from HERE.

For iOS User: The mAadhar App isn’t Launch for iOS for now. So, all iOS users have to wait for Few days until UIDAI Launch mAadhar App for the.

How to Use mAadhar App?

  • First of All, You need to Download mAadhar App From Play Store. 
  • After Downloading the App Open the App to Set up your Phone with Aadhar Account. (Use your Registered Mobile Number at the time of Aadhar Enrollment)
  • mAadhar App will let you Access this Features.
    • Check Aadhaar status,
    • Download Aadhaar
    • Lock and Unlock biometrics
    • Generate time-based Passwords etc.

UIDAI, in the app description page on the Play Store, says that users can “share QR code and password protected eKYC data”, essentially for activating new services that require Aadhaar verification—such as buying a new mobile connection or opening a bank account.

How to Link Aadhar with mAadhar App?

If you are using this app for the first time than you need to create one password to access the app for the authentication purpose. For later uses, users have to enter the same password to access the mAadhar app.

After logging into the app, users can register their password number manually or even they can scan the QR code. The main feature of this app is it app uses the biometric locking system to lock the Aadhar data of the users. Users can even disable the locking options by going to the settings. The mAadhar uses a unique Time Based One Time Password feature for verifying your credentials.

Main purpose of mAadhar app

The idea is to make Aadhaar profile sharing simple, and do it from the smartphone itself. Where security features of the app are concerned, there is the added measure of entering your password every time you want to do any action on the app.

Risk of Using the App

We have seen many features of this app but there are also some cons, there is the risk if someone steals your mobile, then your Aadhaar data will be potentially Access by anyone. You will have to make sure that the stolen mobile, SIM card is quickly blocked, so you can get another one. UIDAI has not really mentioned how it keeps the Aadhaar data secure on this app.